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How to ensure your customers’ data privacy during monitoring

Management of your entities just went from cool to awesome!

Use Dynatrace API to automate fetch of raw process information

Service flow now includes problem indicators & throughput analysis

Support for Node.js apps on Cloud Foundry PaaS

Track business transactions using advanced request naming rules

DIY Events API

Dynatrace Managed feature update, Version 130

Define custom events via custom plugins or the Dynatrace API

Custom charting now supports metrics from custom monitoring plugins

End-to-end tracing now available for batch style queue programs

Simplified agentless real user monitoring setup

Define your own process group properties via environment variables and Kubernetes annotations

End-to-end request tracing across JMS and RabbitMQ queues

Request attributes: Support for .NET method argument capture

Easily understand which load balancers, processes, & hosts are part of your service flow

Analyze the impact of backend services on your Android and iOS apps

Announcing immediate availability of Java 9 support

Request attributes: Numerical values, aggregations, & deep object access

AIX support for Java & IBM/Apache HTTP Server now in general release

Analyze memory dumps for Java and Node.js

Dynatrace Managed feature update, Version 128