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Dynatrace Managed customers can now receive notifications via the Dynatrace mobile app

Davis Assistant just got superpowers! Announcing push notifications for Alexa and Slack

Automate your Dynatrace deployment with our ‘Swaggerized’ Cluster Management API

Dynatrace Managed feature update, Version 138

How StackStorm enables auto-remediation with Dynatrace

Davis Assistant turns one

Session stickiness and persistence across Dynatrace Managed cluster nodes (EAP)

The new Dynatrace dashboarding suite: Powerful, pretty, and easy to use!

Integration support for ServiceNow Kingston release

Introducing code-level visibility for Node.js

Dynatrace compliance with General Data Protection Regulation for EU citizens

Better understand response time differences over time using compare mode

Dynatrace Managed feature update, Version 136

Set up Ansible Tower with Dynatrace to enable your self-healing applications

PowerPC (LE) support: OneAgent full-stack monitoring now available (Beta)

Digital touchpoint monitoring with Dynatrace OpenKit

Exciting update to Dynatrace Log Analytics

Dynatrace Managed feature update, Version 134

Dynatrace synthetic monitors now available from 29 locations worldwide!

Cassandra CQL3 support is coming to Dynatrace

Powerful disk alerting on an enterprise scale

JMX monitoring plugin editor now available (EAP)

Dynatrace can now serve as a ServiceNow ITOM event source

Recent enhancements to user-action Waterfall analysis view