Dynatrace covers all aspects of digital performance management to accelerate digital businesses.


Visit the Dynatrace AIOps content hub.

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Application security

Empower DevSecOps to deliver digital services faster and more confidently with Application Security.

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Apps and microservices

Application monitoring redefined – full-stack application performance monitoring for the customer-centric era

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Company and culture

About agile enterprise and the people behind Dynatrace.

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Dev life

Get an inside into the Developers Life at Dynatrace.

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Continuous innovation and optimization – build better software faster with metric-driven DevOps.

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Digital experience

Monitor, analyze, and optimize digital experience with an enhanced 360-degree view of every single user journey.

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Digital transformation

Check out the Dynatrace digital transformation content hub.

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Cloud native application monitoring – AI powered, full stack, automated

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View the Dynatrace Obseravbility content hub.

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Our mission is to bring together industry experts, thought leaders, and hands-on practitioners to create a world-class partner network.

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Product news

What’s new – Product updates & new feature announcements

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Release notes

We are releasing biweekly — get full insights into every product release

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