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Automatic identification of users based on page metadata

Cost & traffic control for mobile app monitoring

Dynatrace Managed feature update, Version 118

Extend Dynatrace with custom monitoring plugins

Problem severity classifications now available

Set up custom process groups for monitoring

New permissions limit capture & viewing of sensitive data

Self-healing: Ansible Tower fixes Dynatrace-detected problems in real time

Dynatrace supports monitoring of .NET Core applications

Linux Security Gateway settings now persisted during updates

Installed version of OneAgent now displayed on Host pages

Register custom network devices in your Smartscape topology

Source map support for JavaScript error analysis

User session analysis for mobile users

Customizable naming for auto-detected server-side services

Monitor availability of applications that require basic login

Flexible group-based permissions management in Dynatrace SaaS!

OneAgent & Security Gateway – Release notes v1.115

Advanced process group availability monitoring