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The Dynatrace Platform Subscription model enables broad Infrastructure Monitoring

The Dynatrace Platform Subscription is a flexible subscription model that allows Dynatrace customers to scale their observability and security needs on demand. This subscription model offers the flexibility to deploy Dynatrace even more broadly to gain greater visibility into system performance, improve the ability to detect and prevent bottlenecks, and quickly detect and diagnose problems.

An hourly rate for Infrastructure Monitoring

The Dynatrace Platform Subscription (DPS) offers a flat rate for Infrastructure Monitoring, providing observability for cloud platforms, containers, networks, and data center technologies with no limits on host memory and with AIOps included. This ensures you get the most value from your investment.

Metrics are now pooled

Infrastructure Monitoring includes a set of built-in metrics and custom metric data points. With DPS, metrics are available as a pool per tenant. This means your data point volume is available for all Infrastructure-monitored hosts in your environment. However, this only applies to metrics originating from hosts monitored by OneAgent in Infrastructure Monitoring mode.

Broader deployments for superior observability

The new flat rate for Infrastructure Monitoring enables broad deployment of Dynatrace in large IT environments. Monitoring is critical; each additional monitored host brings greater visibility into overall system performance, improved system reliability, and better overall availability. A broad, proactive monitoring scope helps ensure that any potential issues are caught early, which helps to prevent service disruptions and keep systems running at optimal performance.

Avoid green dashboards (and red-face moments)

Transparency into more hosts massively improves Dynatrace’s ability to detect and diagnose infrastructure issues quickly. Only with observability data into all relevant hosts in a large environment can dashboards fully reflect the reality of an environment.

Get to know your unknown unknowns

With broader deployments, it’s easier to quickly identify poorly performing applications or services that would otherwise go undetected. There may be network bottlenecks that you’re unaware of or unreported system crashes and errors. Regarding cost optimization, with broader deployments, it’s easy to discover (previously unmonitored) system resource utilization.

Reduced downtime, faster reaction times, and better availability result in higher customer satisfaction.

“We started working with Dynatrace on just one app, and now we use it everywhere. It allows us to get under the hood of our clouds and changes how we optimize the user experience.”

— Head of IT Service Management, US petroleum company

Auto-scale your resources and observability

Demand can’t always be forecasted accurately; even predicted seasonal demand can have unexpected spikes. Scaling up resources to meet unexpected demand on an ad-hoc basis results in increased demand for observability and monitoring. Only when your observability platform can be similarly scaled can you be sure you’ve mitigated the risk of performance degradation or system outages. In times of increased demand, it’s essential for superior customer satisfaction that all systems function optimally, be closely monitored, and have excellent observability data for all components, all available for analysis within a single platform.

A flat rate designed for auto-scaling infrastructure

The flat hourly rate for Dynatrace Infrastructure Monitoring was designed for auto-scaling resources; host hours are tracked in 15-minute intervals for precise usage tracking and billing. Gone are the days when the number of hosts monitored per month was relevant; with Dynatrace Infrastructure Monitoring, you only pay for the hours that a host is monitored.

“Before Dynatrace, keeping up with our complex infrastructure was like putting our hands out and trying to catch smoke. Now, we can automatically capture every source of observability and user-experience data in a single place.”

— CIO/CISO, multinational publisher

Get your Dynatrace Platform Subscription

DPS is now available for every new and existing Dynatrace SaaS customer. For details, please go to Dynatrace Platform Subscription or contact us.