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Grant fine-grained access rights using management zones (beta)

Understand & analyze all exceptions across your application landscape

New dashboard charts for power users

Connect Dynatrace with Ansible Tower to trigger your IT automation tasks

Cross-product PurePaths: Connect all your important transactions (Part 2 of 2)

AppMon customers can push monitoring data to Dynatrace dashboards (Part 1 of 2)

Dynatrace Managed feature update, Version 140

Enhanced event analytics now available for all hosts, processes, and services

Easier collaboration with Dynatrace dashboarding enhancements

Real User Monitoring (RUM) browser extension for 3rd-party SaaS vendors

End-to-end request monitoring for Go applications: No code changes required

Dynatrace OneAgent SDK for Node.js: Extend end-to-end visibility

Custom automated process-group naming for large dynamic environments

Live user session data now available for real-time analysis!

Dynatrace OneAgent SDK for C: Service and transaction monitoring for C++ and other native applications

Dynatrace OneAgent SDK for Java: End-to-end monitoring for proprietary Java frameworks

Dynatrace Managed customers can now receive notifications via the Dynatrace mobile app

Davis Assistant just got superpowers! Announcing push notifications for Alexa and Slack

Automate your Dynatrace deployment with our ‘Swaggerized’ Cluster Management API

Dynatrace Managed feature update, Version 138

How StackStorm enables auto-remediation with Dynatrace

Davis Assistant turns one

Session stickiness and persistence across Dynatrace Managed cluster nodes (EAP)

The new Dynatrace dashboarding suite: Powerful, pretty, and easy to use!