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Performance requirements for web applications grow as more and more users utilize them for critical business transactions. To ensure that web applications meet their functional and business goals, frequent web application testing – specifically application performance testing that extends beyond a typical web page performance test -- must be conducted. The results from testing indicate whether a web application meets its scalability, stability, and reliability requirements as well as its usability goals.

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Types of Application Performance Testing

Application performance testing can be made up of several individual tests that encompass specific aspects of an application's performance. Individual tests include:

  • Load testing -- This is a basic form of load and performance testing. It imposes a synthetically generated controlled load on a system to determine the behavior of the system and its components under that known load. The response of components in the application can be monitored to determine any bottlenecks in the application delivery chain.
  • Stress testing -- This is used to determine the upper operating limits of an application and to study the stability of the application beyond its operating limits. It can be used to isolate the weakest component in the application delivery chain and test any failure handling capabilities designed and implemented in the system.
  • Spike testing -- This type of application performance testing is conducted to determine how an application handles sudden changes in load. For this type of testing, a sudden surge in requests from a large number of users is synthetically generated, and the resultant behavior of the application is monitored for changes in performance or for failure.
  • Soak testing -- This is endurance testing of an application to determine if it can effectively handle its continuous expected load. A significant load is applied on an application over an extended period of time. Results from soak testing can indicate memory leaks and throughput degradation over time.
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Best-of-Breed Application Performance Testing Products from Dynatrace

Dynatrace offers turnkey application performance management tools for application performance testing. Dynatrace products enable organizations to focus on production monitoring, performance engineering, user analytics, and launch readiness. Two key performance testing products from Dynatrace are Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring and Dynatrace Application Monitoring.

Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring is a cloud-based application performance testing service that uses scripted transactions to replicate user experience from multiple global locations. To replicate geographical diversity, high-volume load is generated from the public cloud for cloud performance testing. It can analyze hundreds of test executions involving thousands of objects across first and third-party hosts. Results can be compared against a competitor's web benchmark. For load, stress, spike, and soak testing, Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring can generate realistically large user requests required by these tests to obtain meaningful and actionable results.

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Dynatrace Application Monitoring is a next-generation application monitoring solution that uses PurePath Technology® for end-to-end monitoring of application execution and PureStack® Technology which automatically correlates system metrics with individual transaction performance. Tracing for each transaction starts from user click through application logic execution through database query processing and back. Dynatrace Application Monitoring is the perfect tool with which to continuously monitor and optimize the performance of web and mobile applications.

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