Compuware APM

Compuware APM has been in the application performance management space for over a decade, long before it was fashionable. In 2008 Compuware APM saw things changing rapidly. Disruption in the way applications were being built (agile, DevOps…), in the way they were being architected (SOA, message buses…), and the way they were being deployed (virtualized, cloud…) was accelerating. Unlike big competitors at the time, Compuware APM saw a need for application performance management innovation to address this myriad of disruptive changes.

A short history of APM Innovation

In 2009 Compuware APM acquired Gomez with its global synthetic network and SaaS delivery model.

In 2010 Compuware APM revamped the Vantage line and introduced the market’s first network-aware APM solution for full Data Center deployments.

And in 2011 Compuware APM acquired dynaTrace, the fastest growing APM start-up in the world with their patented PurePath technology.

When Compuware went private in 2014, the Compuware APM business unit was named Dynatrace.

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