What is application performance management?

Companies pursuing digital transformation—facing the challenges of embracing new technologies and changes in the IT landscape like widespread adoption of mobile and cloud computing—need tools that help them understand how users interact with and respond to their digital offerings and how to better serve customers via digital platforms. An APM tool might be the solution they need, but with the wide variety of APM products on the market now, it’s understandably difficult for organizations to decide on a tool when vendors respond differently to the question: "what is application performance management?"

For those wondering what they really need to monitor application performance—to ensure the availability and performance of their business-critical applications—we offer here a general response to the question "what is application performance management" (see also what is APM), a brief discussion of the present and future of APM, and explain how we at Dynatrace have come to redefine APM for the digital transformation age.

Application Performance Management provides user satisfaction insights

What is application performance management? APM now and in the future

According to tech research firm Gartner, application performance monitoring suites (see also what is application performance monitoring) enable firms to collect, aggregate, and analyze data to assess application performance. Today’s APM suites, Gartner explains, have come to incorporate six critical capabilities: business analysis, service monitoring, anomaly detection, distributed profiling, application debugging, and workload planning. In the context of the present moment then, one response to the question "what is application performance management?" would be that it involves the use of application monitor tools to:

In the future, as software monitoring tools continue to evolve in response to greater complexity in application architectures and IT service delivery environments, we can expect to see a reworking of the definition of "what is application performance management". Namely, we can expect to see greater emphasis on the user experience and big data analytics, unified solutions that enable collaborative application performance management, and support for dynamic and hybrid IT environments including microservices and containers.

Application Performance Management

What is application performance management? From APM to DPM

At Dynatrace, we’ve pioneered the evolution of APM, empowering our clients to make better business decisions and to provide customers with faster, more powerful digital services and online experiences. Bringing together application and real user monitoring capabilities with synthetic testing tools and AI-powered big data analytics, Dynatrace provides you with the granular data and actionable insight you need to achieve digital transformation with confidence. Our digital performance management (DPM) solution correlates IT performance metrics with business metrics, showing you how customers interact with your digital services and how to optimize your applications where it matters most—to improve IT efficiency and deliver the best possible user experience to each and every customer.

Application Performance Management using APDEX visualization

Dynatrace ranks #1 for APM

2016 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Monitoring Suites

Named a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for APM 7 years in a row

It’s our dedication to innovation and ability to see the market expanding beyond APM and into the modern era of “digital performance management” that earns us a top spot year after year.

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The Forrester Wave™: Application Performance Management, Q3 2016

Forrester ranks Dynatrace a leader among the 14 APM providers that matter most

Our unique vision of digital performance management—full-stack monitoring with artificial intelligence to unite business, operations & development groups—sets us apart strategically.

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IDC Application Performance Management Software Market Shares Report

Dynatrace continues as no. 1 market leader for APM

IDC singled out Dynatrace as the APM vendor that “set the pace for market growth and innovation,” citing our DevOps and cloud capabilities and the way we are “harvesting technology innovation.”

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