What is APM?

Organizations today are dependent on applications—in particular their websites, web applications, and now increasingly, mobile applications—to provide their customers with powerful digital experiences. Outages or slow performance negatively impact conversion rates and revenue flows, and ensuring the performance and availability of applications is critical for satisfying users and staying competitive. This is why more companies than ever before are curious about APM, investigating "what is APM" and what APM can do for their organization. Here, we’ll discuss briefly "what is APM", the benefits of using APM or application monitor tools, and how we’ve come to redefine APM at Dynatrace.

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What is APM?

APM is an acronym used to refer to application performance management (see what is application performance management) or application performance monitoring (see what is application performance monitoring). Essentially, the simplest answer to the question "what is APM?" is that it is the monitoring and managing of application performance through the use of software. Monitoring may be carried out with or without agents—via agent-based monitoring or probe-based monitoring—and passively or actively—via real user monitoring or synthetic transaction monitoring.

Different vendors describe "what is APM" differently but industry leaders agree on the importance of:

Developers, system architects, and testers can utilize APM or software monitoring tools to test and monitor application performance, identify and eliminate performance bottlenecks, and ultimately, better understand production environments. DBAs and IT operations teams can use APM solutions, which include network, server, and database monitoring tools, to streamline various performance management workflows: to proactively find and fix performance problems or potential issues and ensure the health and stability of business-critical applications.

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What is APM vs. DPM?

The use of APM tools shouldn’t be limited to operations teams, however, particularly when it comes to the web and mobile applications on which your business depends to engage and serve your customers. This is why, at Dynatrace, we’ve redefined "what is APM" to emphasize the business context of application performance and the importance of digital performance management, or DPM.

Our solution integrates full-stack application and end user experience monitoring with AI-powered application performance and user analytics to give you actionable insights into your application environment and the delivered customer journey. Dynatrace helps you connect the dots between application performance, the customer experience, and business outcomes.

Our DPM solution enables all stakeholders—your developers and operations teams as well as marketing and product management experts—to work from the same data set and easy-to-understand visualizations that show you where to improve your applications to best enhance the customer experience, boost customer satisfaction, and increase conversions.

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