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When your business success relies on the quality of your applications, application performance management software is a must. Application performance management solutions, or APM solutions, enable you to meet the high expectations of your users, even as applications and IT environments are increasingly complex. The right performance management software provides the tools to engineer more reliable applications, launch them with confidence, resolve issues quickly, and proactively address problems before they impact the user experience.

For performance management software used by more than 75% of the Fortune 500 companies – including nine of the top 10 retailers and nine of the 10 largest banks – consider the performance monitoring software solutions offered by Dynatrace.

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Dynatrace: leading performance management software

Dynatrace (formerly Compuware APM) is a leading provider of performance management software to businesses of all sizes. Our solutions enable enterprises around the world to confidently design, launch and manage their applications for exceptional performance. Built by more than 800 of the industry's top engineers and application performance management experts, our APM solutions can help you deliver quality user experiences every time.

Our performance management software suite includes:

  • Application monitoring software. Dynatrace application monitoring is a powerful performance management software solution that enables you to quickly identify and fix problems in infrastructure, applications and the user experience.
  • User experience management software. Dynatrace user experience management provides web and mobile monitoring softwarethat lets you compare performance and usage across browsers, geographies, devices, bandwidth, and other metrics to optimize applications for higher user satisfaction.
  • Synthetic monitoring software. With Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring, you can replicate real user behavior from key geographies to see how your applications perform in real world scenarios.
  • Application-aware network performance monitoring software. Dynatrace Data Center RUM provides powerful self-learning analytics, allowing you to identify and resolve bottlenecks in production systems more easily.

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Benefits of Dynatrace performance management software

With our leading performance management software solutions, you can:

  • Build better applications – engineer more reliable apps, in less time and with less effort. Code-to-click visibility provides actionable insight throughout the entire development lifecycle.
  • Launch applications on time – test site performance, identify bottlenecks, and tune your applications from end to and – before users have a crack at it.
  • Deliver exceptional user experiences – get visibility, context and insight to identify user patterns quickly, viewing real user experiences on every click, every swipe, everywhere and every time.
  • Fix problems faster – get edge-to-app visibility, adaptability, detail and diagnostics, using application virtualization to quickly identify and resolve performance issues

Learn more about Dynatrace performance management software, and about MongoDB monitoring, SAP performance, and other Dynatrace solutions.

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