Application management

Application management, or application performance management (APM), is an increasingly important task for enterprises today. As applications become more complex and as users become more demanding about their expectations, enterprises require robust application management practices to ensure that applications respond quickly and work the way they’re supposed to. The consequences of poor application management are high – when applications run slowly or don’t meet expectations, customers will quickly turn elsewhere to get what they need, and employees will find work-arounds that may slow productivity and diminish ROI in the application.

Application management softwarecan help by providing tools to continually monitor performance and resolve issues before the impact on users becomes too severe. The best application management solutions are able to work proactively, addressing areas of concern before they become problems.

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Application management with Dynatrace

Dynatrace (formerly Compuware APM) is the leading provider of application management solutions to organizations of every size. Our suite of application management solutions has been developed by more than 800 of the industry’s top engineers and experts, and is the choice of more than 380 of the Fortune 500, including nine of the top 10 banks and retailers.

Our application management solutions include: - Dynatrace application monitoring . This APM tool delivers a unified view for monitoring applications infrastructure, providing information about performance root-cause within seconds.

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Comprehensive application management solutions

With Dynatrace application management software you can:

Learn more about application management solutions from Dynatrace, as well as solutions for MongoDB monitoring, transaction monitoring and more.

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