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An APM tool provides organizations with visibility into modern application delivery environments involving composite applications, hybrid infrastructure, and diverse end-point devices. An integrated APM tool set incorporating a real-time application monitoring tool, synthetic performance and load testing softwareand UX management capabilities can enable IT professionals to proactively detect performance and availability problems, assess service delivery from the perspective of real users, and effectively resolve issues that degrade the user experience.

By using the right APM tool to anticipate the effect of changes to the IT environment and take preventative measures to ensure consistent service, IT organizations are able to accelerate troubleshooting—spending less time in war rooms and more time innovating and introducing new services.

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The Evolution of the APM Tool: From Component Monitoring to User-Centric, Cloud-Ready Performance Management

Replacing an older generation of cumbersome APM monitoring software focused on infrastructure and application component monitoring, the new breed of APM tool is lightweight, affordable and leverages sophisticated technologies such as automated application topology discovery and end-user experience monitoring—capabilities that make it a more suitable APM solution for today’s virtualized, cloud and mobile app environments.

The next generation of APM management solutions prioritizes the user experience, measuring app performance from the client-side browser or device—where it matters most. Some of the features that define this new generation of APM tool include:

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Leading the Next Generation of Application Performance Management: A Smart APM Tool Set from Dynatrace

Leaders in the next generation of APM, Dynatrace has developed an innovative APM platform bringing together synthetic and real user monitoring tools with advanced performance analytics—allowing your teams to better test, track and optimize the user experience for all of your web, mobile, cloud, and enterprise applications. Our APM tool set offers your organization actionable, UX-driven intelligence and granular visibility into all transactions across the entire application delivery chain.

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