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Application performance management solutions, or APM solutions, are an indispensable part of enterprise IT strategy today. With so many aspects of your business depending on the performance of your applications, you need APM management solutions that enable your applications to perform flawlessly and meet user expectations for fast response and usability. The right APM solutions can not only help you take action to resolve issues more quickly, but proactively avoid problems before they ever reach the user experience. From application monitoring and mobile app analytics to user experience monitoring and cloud performance testing, superior APM solutions can help you design better apps, launch them with confidence, find and fix flaws, and improve the experience of users around the world.

As a leading provider of APM solutions for businesses large and small, Dynatrace offers suite of innovative APM tools that are the choice of many of the world’s biggest brands.

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Dynatrace: leading APM solutions

Dynatrace APM solutions offer best-of-breed technology to businesses whose success depends upon application performance. Where other APM solutions are reactive, heavy and difficult to manipulate, our APM tools are smart, light and easy to use, enabling you to proactively address APM issues. From enterprise, mobile and web applications to applications for the cloud and Big Data, our solutions help to manage, optimize and resolve the most complex performance issues to ensure a better user experience.

Relying on our APM solutions, you can:

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APM solutions with comprehensive tools

Dynatrace APM solutions deliver all the tools you need to improve performance and ensure a quality user experience. Our solutions include:

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