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In recent years, application performance monitoring and management tools have evolved dramatically in response to innovations in virtualization, the cloud, mobile, and big data. Today’s application performance monitoring tools assist IT organizations trying to deliver consistently high quality service and support workforce productivity in the midst of rapid change. With an influx of business-critical applications running on hybrid environments, IT professionals need the application performance testing and monitoring capabilities of an integrated APM solution to track and manage the availability, usage and performance of dynamic web, mobile, and cloud applications.

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The Benefits of an APM Solution for IT Organizations

An APM solution that provides comprehensive visibility into the performance of the application and all components involved in its delivery allows IT organizations to overcome the complexity of today’s distributed applications and architectures. The best application management software eliminates blind spots and supplies IT professionals with the data and analytics necessary for proactively managing the health of their applications, accelerating troubleshooting, and ensuring a positive user experience.

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Finding the Right APM Solution for Your Company

Every APM solution is different, and with the range of APM management products available now, finding the right solution for your company can be difficult. Keep in mind the following essential capabilities that every organization should look for in a complete APM solution:

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An Integrated APM Solution Platform for Web, Mobile, Cloud, and Enterprise Applications

The Dynatrace APM solution platform integrates powerful SaaS and on-premise elements to empower your IT and business teams to work together to enhance the performance and user experience of your entire portfolio of applications. Some of the unique features of APM solutions from Dynatrace include:

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