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Traditional APM monitoring tools provide monitoring capabilities at a rudimentary level. They yield high level performance data such as overall memory and CPU consumed by entire applications but do not capture performance metrics at a more detailed level that aid greatly in application performance analysis. For example, they do not capture execution times of individual methods in a Java application as Java profiling tools do.

Many traditional APM monitoring tools support a small set of application technologies focusing on specific application languages or frameworks only. Also, they do not offer full-stack application monitoring with support for transaction analysis across multiple application tiers. These APM monitoring tools do not adequately support enterprises that operate heterogeneous application environments and technologies which are very common today. For example, they do not support virtual machine monitoring and require dedicated tools for this purpose such as VMware monitoring tools.

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Dynatrace APM monitoring tools enable full stack performance monitoring

Dynatrace, the leader in the APM market, provides the latest technologies for monitoring applications of numerous languages, environments, and platforms. For example, Dynatrace includes .NET monitoring tools for monitoring applications running on the .NET platform. Using Dynatrace, you can monitor and analyze application performance through each application’s full stack across all layers and technologies including virtual machines.

Dynatrace’s APM monitoring tools incorporate patented PurePath Technology® that enables end-to-end continuous monitoring of each application business transaction through all tiers in the stack. From end-user interface to application server middle tier to database infrastructure tier, PurePath captures transactional performance metrics down to method-level resolution and displays captured data in its application monitoring dashboard. From this dashboard, you can visually view real-time execution timing and code-level context for each transaction with no blind spots. Response-time bottlenecks, threading, database calls, complexity, and asynchronous calls are clearly highlighted for your analysis. Performance metrics made available by Dynatrace provide more insight than metrics from single purpose tools like memory leak detection tools that give limited data for analysis.

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Use Dynatrace APM monitoring tools for automatic root cause analysis

Dynatrace APM technology includes real-time analytics and artificial intelligence to automatically detect performance anomalies. This technology greatly eases the performance troubleshooting burden in complex and dynamic application environments with large numbers of dependencies that are typical of today’s applications. Traditional APM monitoring tools have limited capabilities and are ill-suited to monitoring applications with these characteristics.

Dynatrace artificial intelligence examines billions of events to address the causes of problems and not the symptoms. It does performance analysis work for you automatically by detecting causal relationships in pliable application environments and highlights the root cause of each performance issue. As a result, Dynatrace APM monitoring tools reduce your MTTR by at least 90% allowing your applications to maintain a high level of performance and availability resulting in a consistently positive user experience for your users and customers.

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