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As applications become more complex due to increasingly elaborate business requirements, application performance management (APM) software must evolve to keep pace. The adoption of new technologies like NGINX and Docker drive market trends for application architecture, development, deployment, and performance testing. Each APM application used for performance monitoring, analysis, and testing must adapt to support these new technologies. For example, an advanced APM application should support Docker container monitoring as well as provide transaction visibility through the entire application delivery chain.

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Boost performance with a Dynatrace APM application

Dynatrace, a leading APM application provider, offers a comprehensive suite of solutions for application performance monitoring, analysis, and testing. These include:

Monitor, analyze, and improve application performance.

Can your applications handle success? Find out now with Dynatrace Load

In addition to the Dynatrace APM application suite for performance monitoring and analysis, Dynatrace also offers a load testing website for you to load test your applications. Dynatrace Load is a highly scalable load generation service that leverages the BlazeMeter cloud to generate traffic from up to one million virtual users from around the world. Using Dynatrace Load, you can emulate real-world scenarios for testing the performance of your applications (such as subjecting your J2EE-based applications to a high-concurrency Java performance test). Dynatrace Load supports CDNs, mobile services and APIs, cloud services, and streaming content, and you can easily integrate it into your build automation processes for continuous performance management.

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