Application performance management

Application performance management (APM) is critical to business success today. Your organization relies on applications for virtually of business, and users expect your applications to execute quickly and flawlessly. Yet your applications and the infrastructure they run on have never been more distributed and complex. And your applications must change faster, scale larger and rely on more third-party systems than ever before.

When you want to ensure that performance of your applications and the user experience is everything you need it to be, Dynatrace offers proven application performance management solutions that are the choice of thousands of businesses worldwide.

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Application dependencies

Superior application performance management solutions from Dynatrace.

Dynatrace, formerly Compuware APM, provides best of breed application performance management solutions to more than 5,000 customers large and small around the globe. Where traditional application performance management solutions are reactive, heavy and difficult, our APM solutions are light, smart and proactive. Our APM products are designed to manage your most complex applications, including web, cloud, mobile, enterprise, and big data applications. Powerful yet easy to use – with zero configuration on deployment – our application performance management

system is the industry’s most complete solution for modern applications. Try Dynatrace application performance management for free!

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Comprehensive application performance management

Dynatrace solutions cover the major dimensions of modern application performance management:

Application monitoring dashboard

APM glossary: Application performance management

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