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Multi-tier applications are prevalent in today’s web architectures. The performance of these applications is dependent on the performance of the components and services in each tier. Monitoring applications for performance in all tiers is the most effective way to ensure that each application, as a whole, meets performance requirements.

Several application monitoring solutions are available in the market, but only a handful have the capability to monitor applications across multiple tiers. Among these, the leading solutions for monitoring applications are from Dynatrace. Dynatrace offers the most comprehensive APM solutions in the market with end-to-end monitoring from client to application tier to infrastructure tier including coverage for any cloud services that applications use. Dynatrace’s Java and .NET monitoring tools capture performance down to the code level and calls to SQL and NoSQL databases. When you use Dynatrace, you can be assured that all your applications, including native and hybrid mobile applications, can be monitored comprehensively and in real-time.

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Monitoring applications using Dynatrace enhances user experience

The availability and performance of your applications directly impact user experience. When applications do not perform to expectations or are not available, usability is affected and user experience is harmed. By monitoring applications for performance using Dynatrace, you can detect and identify problems before they impact user experience.

Dynatrace monitoring solutions incorporate patented PurePath Technology® that captures transactions end-to-end, across all tiers, and down to the method and database call levels. This level of granularity enables you to identify the root cause of any performance problem quickly. Monitored metrics are displayed in Dynatrace’s application monitoring dashboard to allow you to easily visualize all captured data which eases the task of performance troubleshooting greatly. While monitoring applications through the dashboard, any performance hotspot or bottleneck can be detected quickly before it impacts user experience.

Dynatrace’s synthetic monitoring feature allows you to test your applications’ performance before they go live. Synthetic monitoring generates and analyzes pre-production user traffic before you deploy your applications. You can use synthetic monitoring to establish baseline performance criteria that you can use as a reference against post-production metrics that are captured using Dynatrace’s monitoring tools such as Dynatrace .NET monitor tools. During post-production, you can additionally use synthetic monitoring to run automated tests against your applications to ensure they perform as planned. The validation provided by monitoring applications synthetically offers a high level of certainty that application performance is up to par and user experience will meet or exceed expectations.

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Monitoring applications using Dynatrace boosts the bottom line

Whether you run applications natively or in virtualized environments, Dynatrace has the right monitoring tools for you. For example, if you run your applications in VMware, Dynatrace has VMware monitoring tools that you can employ to monitor the performance of your VMware virtual machines. Captured VMware performance metrics are displayed alongside metrics from other tiers in a single pane of glass. You do not have to procure another separate virtual machine monitoring solution from another vendor, resulting in cost savings and reduced training requirements.

Dynatrace integrates with popular continuous integration and delivery systems used in DevOps. This allows you to automate issue detection during development and testing. Performance regressions can be detected automatically by comparing production and development builds at the code level. Whether you’re monitoring Java applications or monitoring applications running on .NET or other leading platforms, Dynatrace provides you the information you need to detect and fix performance issues early in the development cycle, sharply reducing costly production failures and boosting your organization’s bottom line.

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