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Application availability and performance are critical to customer satisfaction in the digital marketplace, and to productivity in the digital workplace. This is why more firms today are leveraging APM or software monitoring tools to monitor application performance, ensure application availability, and optimize the user experience.

What is APM? APM refers to application performance monitoring or management. APM or application monitor tools are software solutions used to:

Developers can employ APM tools to monitor application performance to deliver higher quality applications to market faster, while business managers can use APM solutions to monitor the customer experience on digital platforms and evaluate the impact of digital performance on the bottom line.

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How to monitor application performance in order to achieve successful digital transformation

As firms aggressively pursue digital transformation—to meet customer demands, improve operational efficiency, and stay competitive—more companies are investigating what is application performance monitoring and looking into how it might be able to help them achieve this transformation successfully.

To mitigate the risks involved with and support digital transformation, organizations must monitor application performance with the ultimate aim of improving the user or customer experience from multiple perspectives. From the developer or QA perspective, firms must monitor application performance and user behavior to verify the functionality and performance of their applications in pre-production and to better understand the application delivery environment, thereby identifying and eliminating bottlenecks and other potential problems.

From an operations perspective, firms must monitor application performance and the application delivery environment as a whole to ensure the consistent performance and availability of business-critical applications and to proactively detect and resolve issues in the application delivery chain before users are affected. Finally, from a business perspective, organizations must monitor application performance and the user experience to measure and analyze the impact of digital performance issues and changes in the customer experience on conversions, cart abandonment, and other business-relevant metrics.

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Monitor application performance and the digital customer experience with Dynatrace

Dynatrace is committed to reinventing APM for the digital transformation age, redefining "what is application performance management" for today’s forward-thinking firms. Dynatrace is leading the shift from APM to DPM, or digital performance management, developing tools that enable organizations to embrace new technologies and provide innovative new services to their customers with agility and confidence.

Our unified APM solution integrates full-stack monitoring capabilities with AI-empowered user behavior and business analytics, enabling you to monitor application performance—alongside server and database performance, including MySQL and PostgreSQL performance—and gain actionable insight into the digital customer experience. Dynatrace detects and monitors every transaction and customer journey, allowing your developers and operations teams to optimize service performance while giving your business teams the information they need to improve customer retention, loyalty, and lifetime value.

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