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Whether used to engage customers or support employees and supply chains, applications drive business. But without the right application monitoring tool, organizations struggle to manage the performance of these applications.

Modern applications and data centers are more sophisticated and complex than ever, involving multi-tier application architectures and heterogeneous IT infrastructure. In complicated service delivery environments, application performance management, or the implementation of application health monitoring to assure reliable performance, is typically difficult and costly. With Dynatrace’s APM platform however, it’s simple. IT professionals can choose from a range of powerful APM tools and find the most suitable application monitoring tool or toolsets for their organization to manage their entire web, mobile, or enterprise application portfolio for superior performance and availability.

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An Easy-to-use, Deep-Dive Application monitoring tool for Web and Mobile Applications

Our deep-dive application monitoring tool and synthetic mobile and web application monitoring solution provide your organization with the technologies and intelligence you need to ensure the proper functioning and stable performance of your web, hybrid and mobile applications—for each and every user—no matter where, when, or how they access your service.

Powered by our patented PurePath Technology®, Dynatrace Application Monitoring captures response times and code-level context for all user transactions from the client-side browser, across third-party services, to your databases and back. In seconds, pinpoint the root cause of transaction failures and performance degradation. Before large events or when releasing new apps, leverage Dynatrace’s cloud-based, globally distributed Synthetic Monitoring solution to test and benchmark your app’s performance before your users are affected.

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A Network and Application monitoring tool for the Enterprise: Data Center Real User Monitoring

Enterprise applications rely on interconnected systems and infrastructure and are vulnerable to multiple points of failure external to the application, making a network-aware application performance monitoring tool essential. Dynatrace’s Data Center Real User Monitoring (DCRUM) solution allows you to track and analyze user actions and application transactions across the data center. Our network and application monitoring tool offers extensive coverage of load balancers, web servers, databases, middleware, and network services. Achieve the following benefits with our on-premise APM tool for the enterprise:

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