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Many enterprises run applications today that execute critical business transactions that involve millions of dollars. Any performance or availability problems affecting these applications can result in lost revenue and profits. To avoid this, enterprises use application monitoring solutions to ensure that applications run optimally and reliably.

Application performance monitoring allows you to see real-time performance data of your applications. Depending on their capabilities and features, application monitoring solutions can capture enough granular performance data to indicate which part of your application is causing performance problems. This information can ease performance troubleshooting efforts and sustain your application’s performance so that customer satisfaction is maintained. For example, Java memory leak detection tools monitor the memory consumed by each object instance in a Java application in real-time. If the memory consumed by an instance grows continuously without any reduction in size, that instance is likely causing a memory leak.

In the application performance monitoring market, Dynatrace offers the most technologically advanced application monitoring solutions that provide the widest coverage of application platforms and environments used today. It includes comprehensive tools for .NET and Java app monitoring such as a Java and .NET performance profiler as well as support for monitoring virtual machine environments.

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Dynatrace provides state-of-the-art Java application monitoring solutions

Dynatrace enables exhaustive performance monitoring of your Java applications. Dynatrace’s Java performance tools monitor your entire application stack across all tiers including databases and cloud services. Dynatrace leaves no blind spots in application monitoring. Some of Dynatrace’s highlight features for Java application monitoring include:

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Use Dynatrace’s application monitoring solutions for virtual machine monitoring

Virtual machines are used widely in today’s enterprises. As such, they become a critical part of application stacks. The performance of applications is dependent on the performance of any virtual machine in their stacks. Dynatrace supports performance monitoring of common virtual machine technologies such as VMware. Unlike most other application monitoring solutions, you do not need to deploy standalone tools such as VMware monitoring tools to monitor your virtual machines’ performance with Dynatrace. When using Dynatrace to monitor your virtual environment, you can deploy new virtual machines anytime, and Dynatrace will automatically monitor it.

All monitored metrics are displayed logically in Dynatrace’s dashboard for intuitive understanding. With support for virtual machine monitoring out of the box, Dynatrace is the most comprehensive and versatile monitoring solution of all the application monitoring solutions in the market.

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