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Application performance monitoring tools amass sets of complex performance data as they fulfill their designed function in monitoring application performance. To organize and present this data to be easily readable and understandable, an application monitoring dashboard can be used.

Depending on the capabilities of the monitoring tools and dashboards, the data captured and displayed can be basic, offering little value to you for solving performance problems, or it can be sophisticated, providing detailed insight into each performance problem. For example, advanced Java memory leak tools such as Dynatrace can capture the memory consumed by each Java object instance and display the memory consumed over time in a trending graph. From the graph shown in the application monitoring dashboard, you can easily see if memory consumption increases continually without any decrease which indicates a possible memory leak. Similarly, a .NET performance profiler dashboard can visualize the execution times of a program method graphically. A performance bottleneck can be inferred if the graph shows a continuous increase in execution times.

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Dynatrace’s application monitoring dashboard delivers actionable insights

Dynatrace, the technology leader in APM solutions, captures exhaustive application performance data, organizes and processes it, and displays the results intuitively in its application monitoring dashboard. Dynatrace’s patented PurePath Technology® enables end-to-end transaction monitoring and is ideal for monitoring Java applications as well as .NET or PHP applications. It provides you with performance data for the entire application stack through all tiers participating in each transaction including virtualization tiers, cloud services, and databases.

Dynatrace’s transaction analytics deliver actionable insights that drill down to the method and database statement levels providing more usable information than typical specialized tools such as .NET profiler tools. All data is collated and presented in highly readable and understandable tables, graphs, and charts in Dynatrace’s application monitoring dashboard. Viewing the dashboard, you can easily pick out any response-time bottlenecks, threading and memory issues, and other performance hotspots.

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Use Dynatrace’s application monitoring dashboard to resolve problems visually

As today’s application architectures and environments become more complex and elastic, monitoring application performance becomes increasingly challenging. Traditional monitoring tools that are designed to focus on a single environment such as dedicated .NET monitoring tools do not work on multi-tier applications with different environments and numerous dependencies. For example, .NET applications running in VMware virtual machines cannot just be monitored by .NET monitoring tools alone. VMware monitoring tools are required to monitor the virtual machines as well as their performance affects .NET application performance.

A comprehensive solution like Dynatrace is needed to integrate and understand all collected performance data and present actionable insights in an application monitoring dashboard so that you can resolve performance problems visually. With Dynatrace’s dashboard, you do not just get static data. You can replay application performance problems as they occurred with full context and see in detail how various components were affected. Additionally, interactive infographics are also presented in the application monitoring dashboard to illustrate where a problem is and how you can solve it.

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