Application availability monitoring

Implementing application availability monitoring is one way companies can ensure that their websites and web applications are always ready and available to meet the expectations of users—no matter when or from where they log in. Through the use of synthetic web application testing tools and end user performance monitoring tools, you can verify that your website or web application is online and accessible to your users and that core features and critical business processes are functioning as intended.

By carrying out application availability monitoring, you can deliver a higher level of service to your customers, improve user satisfaction and engagement, and enhance the effectiveness and ROI of your digital platforms and services.

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Approaches to application availability monitoring: Real user monitoring and synthetic monitoring

Through browser monitoring, or collecting performance and user experience metrics from the browsers of users as they visit your site, your teams can implement a lightweight form of application availability monitoring. Real user monitoring tools help you detect availability issues and performance problems at the edge of the internet—on that crucial "last mile". They can also show you how many and which groups of users are affected by a specific outage or other type of performance issue.

Synthetic-transaction based website monitoring tools, or synthetic testing tools, on the other hand, support a more systematic and proactive approach to application availability monitoring. Synthetic website performance tools use behavioral scripts, or pre-recorded user interactions, to simulate user paths on a website or web application and identify performance, functionality, and availability problems proactively. Because tests can be conducted from outside of your firewall and from multiple locations around the world, synthetic monitoring gives you a realistic, global perspective on your site’s performance.

By using synthetic transactions to carry out application availability monitoring, your teams can detect, diagnose, and resolve problems before your users experience them or become frustrated and complain. With the right synthetic monitoring tool, you can:

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Take a proactive approach to application availability monitoring with Dynatrace digital experience monitoring

Dynatrace’s all-in-one digital experience monitoring platform integrates deep-dive, full-stack application monitoring capabilities with real user and synthetic monitoring tools. With support for the broadest range of technologies, Dynatrace APM solutions are suitable for application and service availability monitoring—for websites, web applications, mobile apps, and enterprise applications.

Featuring our web-based, point-and-click transaction recorder and intuitive dashboards, Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring makes testing and managing the performance and availability of your applications and business-critical transactions easy. Dynatrace lets you run tests from real desktop and mobile browsers and last mile agents around the globe for the most realistic assessment of performance. And with automated root-cause analysis, when problems are detected, Dynatrace gives you answers—not just more data to sift through.

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