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Performance monitoring enables the collection of data relevant to the performance of software applications. For example, Linux server monitoring tools are used to monitor the performance of Linux servers running applications. Raw performance data is examined by application analytics tools to derive actionable insights into issues that cause application performance to suffer. For organizations that rely on applications for critical operations and revenue, application system performance monitoring and analysis are essential tasks.

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Automate performance analysis with Dynatrace’s application analytics tools

Dynatrace offers the most advanced digital performance management solutions in the market. Its integrated suite of application performance monitoring tools such as JVM profiling tools and .NET monitor tools capture complete stack performance metrics in any modern application environment. Dynatrace application analytics tools are powered by artificial intelligence algorithms to provide you with high value features including:

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See each problem evolve through replays using Dynatrace’s application analytics tools

To aid in root cause analysis and problem resolution, Dynatrace provides a visual replay of the evolution of each performance issue. Dynatrace application analytics tools generate an infographic to illustrate the chain of events that led to each problem. You can see how a performance problem manifested and how each application dependency was affected over time. You get insight into the root cause of each performance issue and how each dependency behaved during each problem’s duration. This includes infrastructure dependencies like databases. You can augment these insights with metrics from Dynatrace’s integrated database monitoring functionalities such as MySQL profiling for greater detail on database behavior during the problem occurrence.

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