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PHP application performance is a critical factor in the success and adoption of any PHP application. Performance considerations must be factored into the entire lifecycle of any PHP application from application design, code implementation, testing, production deployment, and post-deployment. As growing business needs increase the complexity of PHP applications, performance problems become increasingly difficult to troubleshoot and fix. PHP performance monitoring must take into consideration the distributed nature of application transactions that span across disparate systems and components.

PHP performance monitoring tools can be used in conjunction with network and SQL monitoring tools to provide a comprehensive picture of PHP transactions. Additionally, user load tests can be generated from a load testing website to simulate expected peak loads to test the performance behavior of PHP applications.

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php application monitoring

End-to-End PHP performance monitoring by Dynatrace

Dynatrace is an industry-leading provider of application performance monitoring solutions. For end-to-end PHP application monitoring, Dynatrace offers two solutions: Dynatrace Application Monitoring and Dynatrace Data Center RUM.

Dynatrace Application Monitoring is one of the most powerful PHP performance monitoring solutions available. It uses Dynatrace’s patented PurePath Technology® to accomplish end-to-end transaction monitoring. Application transaction details are captured continuously from user interactions to PHP application and middleware processing to back-end infrastructure and database performance.

Dynatrace Data Center RUM is a PHP performance monitoring solution for monitoring data center infrastructure components used by PHP applications including network components and packaged enterprise application platforms. For example, it can capture load balancer performance and Docker performance data. With the captured data Dynatrace Data Center RUM can correlate network and infrastructure performance to application performance and the impact on user experience, providing you actionable insight to guide network performance management efforts.

Reduce MTTR using Dynatrace PHP performance monitoring

Dynatrace Application Monitoring leverages patented PurePath Technology® to continuously monitor and capture performance data from PHP applications, unlike most other PHP performance monitoring solutions that simply sample data intermittently and miss critical data. PurePath includes profiler-like features that capture and correlate performance data from all transactions. Performance problems can be visualized and discovered easily, reducing MTTR by up to 90%.

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Dynatrace PHP performance monitoring gives you a competitive edge

Dynatrace meets and exceeds challenging monitoring requirements that are inherent in today’s PHP application stacks. Other PHP monitoring solutions provide rudimentary snapshots of application components and capture high-level performance data of components in single tiers. However, they are unable to provide insight across the entire PHP application delivery chain. For example, they provide coverage only in the Web tier by performing Web server monitoring such as Nginx monitoring and PHP runtime monitoring while ignoring infrastructure components like databases and third-party services that PHP applications use. This approach to PHP performance monitoring does not provide full insight into application behavior nor illustrate whether applications meet service level targets for each user.

Dynatrace, on the other hand, performs continuous and complete application transaction monitoring across all application tiers. By allowing you a complete picture of your PHP application performance and by accelerating MTTR, Dynatrace gives you an edge on competitors who use less powerful PHP performance monitoring solutions.

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