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Online retail is complex, requiring tens or even hundreds of application components, data sources, 3rd party services, and ever more demanding customers. But it doesn’t have to be this way. With the Dynatrace FastPack for Magento you unlock real-time visibility into the experience your site is delivering to identify and remediate user frustration, maximize conversions, and deliver loyalty building buying experiences. shares how they optimize their Magento application using Dynatrace

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“With Dynatrace deployed in our Magento application we were able to cope with Black Friday traffic that far exceeded our predictive models. We immediately pinpointed major bottlenecks to ensure online sales were not impacted.”

Michael Aigner

Co-Founder & COO

Gain Deep Insight into User Experience, Top Landing & Exit Pages, and Bounce Rates)

Gain deep insight into user experience, top landing & exit pages, and bounce rates

Dynatrace provides deep insight into every single user’s experience, wherever they are in the world, and from whatever device/browser combination they’re using so you can see the big picture in context: See all the channels your users touch and leverage the data holistically to know your customers and how they’re using your app with real time contextual information from every visit.

Monitor Your PHP Environment Health and Transaction Performance.

Monitor your PHP environment health and transaction performance

Dynatrace automatically discovers, maps and monitors each PHP transaction across distributed tiers, and gives you information on response times, tier-time breakdown, and host health in real-time.

Understand and correlate web request, response time & visit performance

Ensure your Magento application is performing by focusing the analytics lens on response times, how visitors are accessing the application, and whether traffic volume is impacting performance

Understand and Correlate Web Request, Response Time & Visit Performance

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Last-Minute Black Friday Rescue & Cyber Monday Readiness

Last-Minute Black Friday Rescue & Cyber Monday Readiness

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