PHP monitoring

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PHP has been a widely-used scripting language for web applications since the web’s early days. Due to its popularity and early history, many websites run PHP applications today. Like all web application platforms, PHP applications have performance considerations that impact their scalability and usability. PHP monitoring software together with software for monitoring network traffic help organizations mitigate this impact to their PHP applications by discovering risks to PHP performance.


Performance hotspots revealed with PHP monitoring

Tools for monitoring PHP applications are typically found within an APM solution. PHP monitoring tools collect metrics that indicate the following performance hotspots:

Performance engineering

Dynatrace PHP monitoring increases PHP performance

Application performance management software from Dynatrace enables PHP monitoring in addition to .NET and Java application monitoring. Dynatrace’s patented PurePath Technology® captures end-to-end performance metrics for each PHP transaction from web server to database across distributed tiers. Execution time of PHP methods and individual SQL statements as well as response times of web server and database calls can easily be viewed on dashboards. Each transaction can be reviewed to isolate performance hotspots and determine when they occur. Performance data collected and presented by Dynatrace aids greatly in doing root-cause analysis of performance issues in PHP applications which can reduce MTTR by up to 90%.

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