Performance anomaly detection for database services

Improved database analysis views

Failure analysis of database errors

Code-level error analysis for PHP

Extended Play framework support for Scala: Netty 4, Vert.x, and Xitrum

Code-level visibility for PHP now available

New response time analysis views!

Node.js 4 support with heap & GC metrics!

User behavior analytics now in beta!

Detecting network errors and their impact on services

Recorder enhancements for clickpath web checks

Why application monitoring works better without alerts

VictorOps incident-notification and management integration

Customizing Dynatrace process detection

New application-specific “Resources” tile

View app-detection rules before removing apps

App-performance overview “All actions” tab

How to achieve outstanding performance with MongoDB monitoring

Enhanced Web check details pages

“Wait for element” clickpath replay option

Streamlined web-check creation and settings

Notification settings & performance thresholds for web checks

Simplification of IIS .NET services

Changes to Java heap monitoring