Mobile HTTP request performance & error rates

Traffic spikes & drops now separately detectable

Monitor service and process availability

Outlier Analysis – The power of tracking every single transaction

Introducing Redis server monitoring

Beta availability of PHP 7 support

Mobile-device emulation for web checks

Web check device profiles & frequency estimates

Analysis of individual service instances

Custom monitoring plugins now available (EAP)

4 Azure secrets you’ll be glad to know about

Organize monitored components with tags

iOS and Android mobile app monitoring (beta)

Code-level visibility for ASP.NET life cycle events

Announcing Dynatrace log analytics!

Dynatrace monitoring for Cloud Foundry PaaS

Dynatrace monitoring for Azure Web Apps

Support for WebSphere PMI monitoring

Inline search for method hotspots

Code-level insights and failure analysis for service backtrace

Web check analysis for outages and performance spikes

Revamped Web checks page and Details view!

Mute monitoring of problematic service requests

Monitor 3rd party services as 1st class citizens