Monitored-service merging: 1+1=1

Enhanced MongoDB monitoring

Know when database statements are executed

Root-cause analysis of ‘Suspension’ impacts

Code-level hotspots for Nginx web server

Content validation for availability web checks

New and improved navigation design

New Web check tile available

Simplified dashboard customization

New application and user behavior tiles

View top requests during analysis time frame

Availability reports now include monthly trends

General availability of PHP deep monitoring!

“Wait for next action” clickpath setting

Availability monitoring for processes

Enhanced MSSQL Server monitoring (beta)

Enhanced PostgreSQL monitoring (beta)

Integrate monitoring insights via Dynatrace API

Beta availability of HAProxy monitoring

Service flow visualizes service requests end-to-end

Beta availability of Docker container monitoring

Ignore JavaScript errors in Apdex calculation

Improved browser breakdown for applications

3 levels of network monitoring for DevOps