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Dynatrace for Executives

The world’s largest organizations trust Dynatrace, the leader in unified observability and security, to accelerate digital business transformation.

See how we solve nine key challenges imperative to transformation initiatives.

Drive innovation


Cloud modernization

  • Automate beyond AIOps with predictive, causal, and generative AI
  • Accelerate delivery of flawless and secure software with solutions spanning 100+ use cases
  • Increase IT, Development and Platform Engineering productivity through self-service capabilities and hundreds of integrations
Visualize your complex hybrid cloud environments in real time, gaining insights into security and business performance.
Dynatrace solutions


increase in high-quality software releases


fewer major service incidents over five years


Business analytics

  • Speed complex business analytics tasks from weeks to hours or minutes through Grail™, our industry leading, unified data lakehouse
  • Get answers to any question at any time through a combination of contextual analytics with causal AI and a natural language interface driven by Generative AI
  • Align and drive cross-functional goals through a single source of truth for observability, security, and business analytics
Gain end-to-end insights into your digital channels with Business Flow to optimize revenue and conversion rates.
Dynatrace solutions


revenue protected by ensuring uninterrupted service during peak demand

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Customer experiences

  • Observe and analyze the end-to-end user journey, identifying and remediating bottlenecks before service level objectives are missed
  • Optimize business-critical digital processes
  • Improve operational agility and customer satisfaction with frictionless, self-service developer experiences
Monitor your end user experiences with Dashboards displaying satisfaction scores, conversion rates, and infrastructure impacts.
Dynatrace solutions


of daily flights are on time


less time spent triaging issues

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Mitigate risk


Improved availability

  • Quickly identify and resolve issues with the industry’s most powerful AI engine
  • Prevent issues through predictive AI and automation
  • Ensure resilient, secure IT environments by acting before symptoms become outages
Predict your cloud infrastructure availability, track, and resolve issues whilst visualizing associated costs with Dashboards.
Dynatrace solutions

Over 60%

fewer customer irritants

Td bank

Security compliance

  • Maintain transparency and compliance with intelligent, automated remediation and reporting
  • Embed security at every stage of software delivery
  • Automatically prioritize incidents and potential vulnerabilities by business risk
Ensure security compliance with a unified overview, showing vulnerabilities, risk assessments, and impacted entities.
Dynatrace solutions


less time spent remediating vulnerabilities


Embrace AI

  • Confidently invest in AI through comprehensive Data Observability and AI Observability
  • Manage AI risk with dependency mapping and tracing to meet compliance regulations and policies
  • Drive automation through causal, predictive, and generative AI used in intelligent combination
Monitor your AI applications end-to-end, integrating Azure and OpenAI for comprehensive tracking and optimization.
Dynatrace solutions

60 hours

of monthly log analytics toil per team cut by AI

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Optimize Cost


Tool sprawl

  • Extract incremental business value from data by establishing context and collapsing silos through a graph-powered data lakehouse
  • Break down organizational silos and increase development, IT, and DevOps productivity at scale, on a platform that unifies analytics and automation for observability, security and business
  • Streamline regulatory compliance and minimize security attack surfaces by reducing the number of tools to be maintained and secured
Increase productivity and compliance while reducing the number of tools needed to ingest data.
Dynatrace solutions


disparate monitoring tools consolidated

People train

Cost optimization

  • Optimize cloud costs with automated fine-grained utilization discovery and AI based dependency analysis
  • Align cloud costs to business value through automated FinOps and predictive cloud orchestration
  • Drive cloud architectural improvements through insights into IT underutilizations and dependencies
Discover and observe cloud applications, combining FinOps analytics with automation to optimize utilization and costs.
Dynatrace solutions
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Dynatrace has been revolutionary for Photobox, as our teams are now able to do work that previously would have taken hours in just minutes.

Critical resources for your team


Sustainability goals

  • Understand carbon impact with fine-grained real-time visibility into utilization, overprovisioning and dependencies
  • Reduce carbon footprint and achieve sustainability objectives through AI suggested improvements
  • Optimize energy consumption, reduce cost, and embrace green coding by automating scaling systems to business needs
Gain detailed insights for every instance, container, and cluster to reduce footprint and achieve sustainability goals.
Dynatrace solutions
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Working with Dynatrace has helped us to assess the visibility and impact of our IT carbon emissions... and collaborating together has allowed us to see where our efforts are most impactful in the context of our broader IT architecture.