Digital experience monitoring

Monitor, analyze and optimize customer experience with an enhanced 360-degree view of every single user journey. Digital experience monitoring provides business-critical analysis and understanding of how your application’s performance impacts user experience and your bottom line. Dynatrace gives you the ability to see applications the way your customers do and provides insights to stay competitive in today’s market.

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Dynatrace provides full insight across all channels

Real user monitoring

Dynatrace analyzes each customers digital journey in real-time to evaluate satisfaction.

Synthetic monitoring

Monitor and analyze web application availability and performance SLAs globally, 24 hours a day.

Mobile monitoring

Real-time insights to help optimize user experiences.

Powered by AI, Dynatrace redefines digital experience monitoring

Monitor and improve customer experience for digital business success

Monitor, analyze, and improve customer experience.

Understand how performance impacts your bottom line

Drill down into any customer journey.

Fast complaint resolution

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