Smart auto-baselining

Determine and update performance baselines automatically and dynamically

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Smart auto-baselining

Smart baselining automatically learns “normal” performance

As OneAgent discovers and collects metrics from all components through your entire application topology, artificial intelligence automatically learns how your application performs under load and what constitutes normal performance.

Dynatrace smart baselining learns the normal performance of your application. Eliminate false positives and noisy alerts related to response times, failure rates and throughput. See key performance metrics for  response time, failure rate, and CPU consumption.

Beware of common baselining pitfalls

Traditional baselining approaches rely on standard deviations, averages, and/or transaction samples to determine normal performance.

This is how most APM companies establish performance baselines.

The far more accurate, more dynamic, more useful approach is to use percentiles based on 100% gap-free data.

This is how Dynatrace determines performance baselines.

For further information

Learn more about why averages are not the right approach for application monitoring in this blog post from Michael Kopp

Percentiles are better than averages

How does auto-baselining work?

Dynatrace doesn’t rely on static thresholds to identify when something isn’t the way it’s supposed to be. Instead, we use fully automatic and dynamic multidimensional baselining.

Basically that means we use artificial intelligence to pin down all the baseline metrics related to the performance of your applications, services, and infrastructure—from back end through user experience at the browser level.

Such intelligent and automatic baselining allows Dynatrace to detect anomalies at a highly granular level and to notify you of problems in real time.

Fully automatic multidimensional baselining cubes comprise statistically meaningful combinations of 10,000+ reference values across 5 dimensions

Never adjust your monitoring configuration again

Correctly setting up alert thresholds is crucial to effective application performance monitoring. But that can be a lot of time-consuming and potentially error-prone manual effort with traditional APM tools—especially given how fast your infrastructure changes in modern dynamic environments.

Dynatrace self-learning auto-adapts baselines dynamically as infrastructure changes.

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