A few reasons why companies choose Dynatrace AWS monitoring over the competition

Dynatrace vs AppDynamics vs New Relic vs AWS CloudWatch

Side-by-side comparison

AWS CloudWatch is Amazon’s own built-in infrastructure monitoring tool. How does CloudWatch compare to Dynatrace full-stack digital performance monitoring solution? This side-by-side comparison highlights the differences between Dynatrace, AppDynamics, New Relic, and CloudWatch, based on available information and to the best of our knowledge.

Built for cloud-native environments

  Dynatrace Cisco AppDynamics New Relic AWS CloudWatch
Full stack discovery and monitoring of AWS ecosystems
Deep integration of CloudWatch metrics into AI causation engine
AI-powered full stack monitoring of Lambda functions and IoT applications
Multiple datacenters in a single pane of glass
Multiple AWS accounts in a single pane of glass
Historic cloud infrastructure data
Native PaaS platform support for Cloud Foundry, OpenShift
Touch-free discovery and full stack monitoring of ECS Docker containers and containerized applications
AWS Marketplace integration: 1 click deployment, billing through Amazon

AI-powered analytics & embedded expertise

  Dynatrace Cisco AppDynamics New Relic AWS CloudWatch
Self-learning AI automatically locates problem inflicting components and identifies root causes while eliminating alert spam
Real-time discovery and visualisation of application topologies enterprise-wide: components, dependencies and deployments
Orchestration layer integration and automated problem remediation
AI-powered VoiceOps and ChatOps

Fully automated hyper-scale monitoring

  Dynatrace Cisco AppDynamics New Relic AWS CloudWatch
Single agent deployment, automated instrumentation including log file discovery, full-stack coverage
SaaS, On-premises and hybrid deployment packages, architectural high availability
Scalability to 100,000+ hosts
Elastic pricing models: consumption based, annual plans, perpetual licenses

Enterprise unified monitoring

  Dynatrace Cisco AppDynamics New Relic AWS CloudWatch
Full-stack monitoring in a single solution: users, applications, cloud and infrastructure including process and network metrics and log analytics
User experience analytics: individual session visibility, web and mobile applications, all digital touchpoints
100% technology coverage: cloud-native, enterprise technologies and packaged apps
Built for DevOps & Continuous Delivery processes

Dynatrace is the only APM vendor giving complete insight into AWS and everything running on it

Covers the full stack: AWS infrastructure, applications, multiple datacenter and multiple AWS accounts
Deep integration of AWS CloudWatch into AI engine
Reduces the time-to-problem-resolution through intelligent AI-driven root cause analysis
Deploys with zero configuration
Full scalability in dynamic environments through auto-discovery of new system components
All AWS Cloud performance metrics on one dashboard. Automatically discover cloud dynamics

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