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CPU hotspots for Apache web server

Performance analysis for applications

Beta availability of PHP deep monitoring

PM2 support for Node.js applications

Apache Solr metrics now available

Code-level hotspots for Apache web server

Custom JMX metrics are here!

Problem notifications for Windows Phone

How to get into microservices real quick

CPU hotspot analysis for background threads

Dynatrace now speaks Slack!

Jetty web server metrics

Vertical topology grouping in smartscape

Zapier connects Dynatrace to 400+ cloud platforms

Web checks now included in application view

Support for Basic HTTP Authentication

Link to monitoring settings from Applications page

Full-stack Docker performance monitoring: From containers to applications

Integrate problem notifications into 3rd party systems

Consolidated process metrics view

Parameterized anomaly detection settings

How to monitor ECS clusters for Docker easily

Segmented results for 1st party resources, CDNs, and 3rd party providers

Beta availability of Nginx monitoring!