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Early access: End-to-end request tracing for IBM Integration Bus

In a major enhancement to Dynatrace, we’re proud to announce Early Access to our IBM Integration Bus support.

This EAP is available starting with Dynatrace SaaS and Managed version 1.154. Once you join the EAP, you can enable IBM Integration Bus support at Settings > Monitoring > Monitored Technologies.

Enable IBM Integration Bus monitoring in Settings

Simply go to the overview page of any host that runs an IIB engine. Or go to the Technology overview to locate these hosts.

IIB technology overview

Dynatrace OneAgent automatically discovers IBM Integration Bus engines versions 9 and 10. OneAgent also understands that IBM Integration Bus runs as a cluster. It therefore automatically detects each group of Integration servers as a process group and an instance for every single broker.

Process group detection for IIB clusters

Once you’ve enabled IIB support in settings, as explained above, you’ll see a restart notice for the Data Flow Engines on the process page. Simply restart these. Or in the case of AIX, follow the AIX instructions to monitor a single application. Once this is complete, select Transactions & services from the navigation menu to see the newly discovered IBM Integration Bus services.

Newly discovered IIB services in Transactions & services screen

Dynatrace OneAgent currently supports IIB message flows that are triggered by web requests, web services, or IBM MQ. All requests are traced end-to-end across web requests and IBM MQ queues. This not only enables you to understand the end-to-end topology of your environment via Smartscape, it also enables you to analyze specific request types and even individual requests across your application and message flow landscape.

IIB topology in Smartscape

The Service flow below shows an IBM WebSphere application server calling an IBM Integration Bus message flow via a web request (and a proxy), which in turn triggers another message flow via an IBM MQ message.

Service flow from IBM Websphere application server

This dramatically extends the visibility of Dynatrace into your IBM stack—down to the individual

nodes inside your message flow.

Version information

  • IBM Integration Bus support is available in Early Access in Dynatrace SaaS or Dynatrace Managed version 1.154.
  • Dynatrace OneAgent version 1.153 or newer is required.
  • Dynatrace supports IBM Integration Bus versions 9 and 10.
  • This feature relies on the previously announced end-to-end tracing for IBM MQ.


  • IBM Integration Bus support is available for Windows, Linux, and AIX.
  • We’re still making changes based on the feedback we receive from customers. So please note that the detected services and structure of resulting PurePaths may still change.
  • Queue names must be the same at both ends of each interaction.
  • Early access program disclaimer

How can I get this feature?

If you want to participate in this Early Access Program, please register here.

What’s next

We’ll soon add features that enable tracing across queues where the input and output queues aren’t the same.