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CPU consumption of services and processes

Dynatrace integrates CloudWatch API for full-stack AWS monitoring

Application overview enhancements. Plus Hyperlyzer!

Automatic naming of XHR user actions based on URL

New Services Overview tile

Application and User action tile enhancements

Ignore recurring JavaScript errors

Failure analysis includes exception stack traces

CPU consumption of top service requests

Simplified custom-service setup

Create and monitor custom user actions

3rd party providers tile is now app-specific

World map view for watched user actions

.NET custom services and standalone applications

Improved root cause analysis of service failures

Detection of process shutdowns and crashes

Cleaner URLs and resource-request settings

Dynatrace goes .NET

Dynatrace mobile app monitoring: Leveraging the latest in iOS 8

Top-consuming user action list gets facelift

Version information for IIS processes

Dynatrace goes JMS and RabbitMQ!

Historical trends in Web requests now available

Dynatrace adds Cassandra monitoring via Thrift