Introducing the F5 LTM ActiveGate monitoring plugin

F5 BIG-IP LTM provides a significant percentage of Dynatrace customers with mission-critical service and application integration, security, and control functionality.  Dynatrace is continuously working to expand our monitoring coverage to include critical components within our customers’ technology stack.  The challenge with monitoring security-related technologies such as F5 devices is their inhospitality to agent-based monitoring approaches.  Building upon the foundational work of the ActiveGate plugin framework, we’re pleased to announce the availability of F5 monitoring, available through the F5 ActiveGate extension.


  • F5 BIP-IP LTM device(s) with iControl® API support
  • Valid API authentication credentials
  • Dynatrace 1.156+
  • ActiveGate 1.155+

What’s Included

Every minute, Dynatrace remotely ingests all of the most crucial data from your F5 devices, using the extension. However, without context, all this data and insights are just more noise. Data from the F5 extension is continuously ingested, analyzed, and utilized by the Dynatrace platform, and is used to provide answers to one of the most critical questions related to monitoring—how are my F5 instances performing?  F5 monitoring with Dynatrace helps you separate the signal from the noise.

From CPU utilization, Pool status, Node requests, metrics from your F5 instances give our platform real-time insight into the health and performance of your devices, and enable Dynatrace to provide you with automatically generated visualization tools, dashboards, infographics and reports. By enabling F5 monitoring within Dynatrace, we help you better understand the relationships and inter-dependencies that your F5 devices facilitate across your highly complex enterprise.

Finally, the extension is easy to deploy and is developed, maintained, and fully-supported by Dynatrace.  Simply put, it provides F5 monitoring using the best-in-class functionality that you’ve come to expect from Dynatrace.

Coming soon

Want more good news? F5 monitoring with Dynatrace is about to get better. With upcoming updates to our A.I. engine, data from ActiveGate extensions will be incorporated into our root-cause analysis. This means we will soon be able to deliver insights that go beyond device performance and provide answers to the other critical question—which service/customer-impacting problems are attributable to F5?

Interested in adding F5 monitoring to your Dynatrace experience?

Please reach out to your Dynatrace account team for more information.

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