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VMware virtualization technology is a critical part of the infrastructure for many business applications. To ensure that these applications meet and maintain performance requirements, VMware performance tools can be deployed to monitor the performance of VMware environments. These tools can be used in conjunction with other tools like network monitoring tools to obtain complementary performance data on the infrastructure tier in the datacenter.

Many performance monitoring tools are designed for a single environment or platform. For example, Linux server monitoring tools monitor only the performance of Linux server processes and their dependencies, and MySQL monitoring tools monitor the performance of MySQL processes and database queries. These tools do not consolidate the monitoring of entire application stacks that include the application front-end, middle-tier, and virtualized infrastructure tier. This lack of comprehensive coverage from such server monitoring tools leads to gaps in visibility when analyzing data to troubleshoot performance issues.

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Dynatrace offers comprehensive monitoring tools including VMware performance tools

Full application stack monitoring of all tiers is available from Dynatrace, the most advanced digital performance management technology in the market. Dynatrace system performance monitoring capabilities include monitoring coverage of all commonly used platforms and environments for enterprise applications including Java, .NET, PHP, Node.js, Oracle, MySQL, and VMware – all through a single pane of glass.

Dynatrace’s VMware performance tools provide you with insights into how each VMware environment impacts application performance, transaction performance, and ultimately user experience. Dynatrace tracks 100% of application transactions, detects performance anomalies or regressions, and provides instant root cause analysis of performance issues – whether the cause lies in the application code, the underlying virtualization layer, or the interaction with back-end databases.

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Optimize virtualization performance with Dynatrace VMware performance tools

Virtualization makes application performance monitoring more challenging. Without insight into how virtual environments impact application performance, determining the root cause of any performance problem becomes difficult. Dynatrace VMware performance tools allow you to capture the performance of virtual machines as applications run in them. These tools also provide you with data on how virtual environment configuration affects application performance. The insights provided by this data enable you to optimize your VMware environment configuration for improved application performance. When used in conjunction with Dynatrace’s other server performance monitoring tools, you can capture additional performance data that will help you to troubleshoot performance issues and optimize application performance and user experience.

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Automatically detect and monitor virtual machines with Dynatrace VMware performance tools

Intelligence built into Dynatrace VMware performance tools enables new virtual machines to be detected automatically. When you spin up new virtual machines to scale your applications, Dynatrace automatically detects and begins monitoring them without requiring changes to any configurations for monitoring your virtual environment. Dynatrace’s technology eliminates the need for any manual configuration changes and adjusts to your dynamic virtual environment automatically.

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