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Enterprises that deploy their business critical applications on VMware platforms are faced with the challenge of monitoring applications executing in opaque virtual environments. Many APM solutions in the market lack VMware monitoring tools for effective monitoring of applications running in VMware environments. The lack of support for visibility into transactions that span multiple virtual machines on the same host is especially disadvantageous. The results are numerous blind spots and incomplete or inaccurate performance data for virtualized applications. These problems arise even when APM solutions have specific application platform monitoring tools such as .NET monitor tools since these latter tools often do not support virtual environments.

APM monitoring tools that do support application monitoring in VMware environments have to take into account the dynamic nature of virtual machine deployments where VMware instances are quickly started and stopped, often at scale. To be able to monitor and analyze the performance of these instances and the applications that they run requires a technologically advanced solution. Dynatrace, the market and technology leader in digital performance management solutions, provides advanced VMware monitoring tools capable of monitoring the most complex VMware virtual infrastructure.

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Gain clear visibility into virtual environments using Dynatrace VMware monitoring tools

Virtualization makes the identification of most application performance issues more challenging. Without awareness and insight into how virtual environments impact application performance, isolating the root cause of any performance problem becomes arduous. Using Dynatrace application monitoring solutions, you can obtain deep insights into your virtualized environments that were not possible before.

Dynatrace VMware monitoring tools allow you to see the dependencies of vCenters in your datacenter. They enable visualization of the processes that run in the vCenters as well as your virtualized applications in the Dynatrace application monitoring dashboard. This dashboard delivers clear insights into the dynamic relationships between applications, services, processes, and hosts in VMware environments.

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Optimize virtual environments with Dynatrace VMware monitoring tools

Dynatrace provides insight beyond the virtualization layer. Its VMware monitoring tools allow you to discover how the configurations of your virtual environments impact your application performance and user experience. This insight enables you to tune your virtual environment configurations for optimal application performance. Concurrently, you can use Dynatrace’s memory leak detection tools to identify and remedy any memory consumption issues caused by inefficient code in your virtualized applications.

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Eliminate monitoring configuration effort with Dynatrace VMware monitoring tools

Dynatrace’s support for VMware virtual environments eliminates the need for any manual monitoring configuration changes when your virtual environments change. You can deploy new virtual machines anytime without having to change any configurations for monitoring your virtualized applications. Dynatrace VMware monitoring tools detect and adjust to any changes in your VMware environments automatically, making your performance monitoring solution just as agile as your applications.

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