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Docker is an application platform technology that implements containers to develop, ship, and run applications. It enables applications to execute securely in independent containers. Each container is lightweight, and a host machine can run numerous containers simultaneously. Lightweight Docker containers consume less resources and are more portable than virtual machines with hypervisors. By design, Docker containers can be deployed very easily and quickly making them straightforward to merge into continuous integration processes in your organization.

In efforts to reduce costs and increase profits by shortening application development cycles, many organizations have adopted Docker in their development, testing, and production environments. To ensure that Docker performance meets application performance goals, Docker container monitoring can be carried out in conjunction with other performance management initiatives such as network performance management.

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Docker performance monitoring with Dynatrace

Many APM solutions support traditional objectives like Java and PHP application monitoring but few support newer IT needs such as Docker performance monitoring. As a leading provider of APM solutions, Dynatrace offers a powerful APM application solution for Docker monitoring that can capture the performance metrics of individual Docker containers as well as Docker clusters. Dynatrace’s solution captures CPU, memory, and network utilization of Docker containers and visualizes Docker performance data in the Dynatrace dashboard. Displayed metrics also include the performance details of hosts where Docker containers and clusters are running.

For Docker clusters, Dynatrace works with the open source Kubernetes cluster manager to capture Docker performance. The health and performance of Docker clusters and the applications that they run are displayed in the Dynatrace dashboard. This dashboard uses graphs and charts to visually collate the response times of transactions at any point in time, the distribution of slow and fast transactions, and the distribution of containers per host in the cluster. For tiered clusters with front and back-end tiers, Dynatrace monitors the Docker performance of these clusters and displays the balancing of requests between the Docker containers in the front-end and back-end tiers. Additionally, Dynatrace captures and displays the thread count and resource utilization variations between containers in each cluster. With this data displayed in the Dynatrace dashboard you can easily see any spikes in resource utilization and response time that are detrimental to Docker performance.

Improve Docker performance and enhance your continuous integration processes

The portability and security provided by Docker containers enable you to integrate them easily into your organization’s continuous integration processes. With Docker, you can hasten these processes by expediting the deployment of applications during development, testing, and production. To improve Docker performance and enhance continuous integration processes further, deploy Dynatrace to monitor Docker containers and clusters. Dynatrace ensures that performance issues are caught and remedied as Dockerized applications are developed, tested, and released into production.

Additionally, you can use Dynatrace’s load testing tools for Web applications to verify that your Dockerized applications meet expected user loads before they go into production. For Dockerized applications that access SQL databases, you can use Dynatrace’s SQL monitoring tools to ensure that the databases and database access are not performance bottlenecks for your applications.

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