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As software becomes an enabler of key business processes ranging from payment processing to personalized marketing, enterprise application management has never been more important or complicated to implement. Forward-thinking companies are leveraging powerful new applications to develop, market, and sell innovative products and services smarter and faster than ever before. At the same time, many organizations are struggling to keep up with new delivery models, evolving technologies, and distributed application infrastructures.

Traditional infrastructure-centric monitoring tools are simply inadequate for tackling today’s sprawling enterprise applications that inhabit hybrid ecosystems and heterogeneous networks. Carrying out effective enterprise application management requires transaction-centric [application performance monitoring]—next-generation APM solutions that provide a holistic view of the application delivery environment.

enterprise application management

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Dynatrace Data Center RUM: next-generation enterprise application management

Dynatrace Data Center Real User Monitoring (RUM) is the industry’s most advanced solution for enterprise application management. Integrating non-intrusive application, network, data center, and real user monitoring capabilities, Data Center RUM supplies you with a complete end-to-end view of all of your enterprise applications, infrastructure components, network interactions, and users from a single pane of glass.

With support for a wide range of databases, middleware applications, and data center services, Data Center RUM is suitable for complex enterprise application management purposes including Citrix, Oracle EBS, and SAP monitoring. Automatically detecting and capturing 100% of user transactions, our solution gives you the detailed real-time and historical data you need to:

Dynatrace enterprise application management for SharePoint environments

Dynatrace Data Center RUM also excels for performance monitoring and optimization of SharePoint solutions. For those struggling with the limitations of native SharePoint monitoring tools, our SharePoint FastPack makes enterprise application management in SharePoint environments easier and faster. From purpose-built SharePoint monitoring dashboards you can verify the health of all machines and SharePoint processes, find hotspots in the SharePoint architecture, and drill down for detail into problematic transactions to diagnose critical SharePoint performance issues.

Along with Data Center RUM for monitoring enterprise application tiers in the data center, Dynatrace also offers comprehensive cloud, mobile, and web application performance monitoring solutions such as Dynatrace Application Monitoring and Dynatrace User Experience Management. These solutions provide you with actionable real-time insight into end-user experience and the performance of your customer-facing applications.

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