Kubernetes cluster and workload monitoring

Use AI and automation to accelerate Kubernetes observability

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Kubernetes cluster and workload monitoring screenshot
Kubernetes cluster and workload monitoring screenshot

Dynatrace is the trusted solution for monitoring Kubernetes


A truly automated approach to monitoring Kubernetes

Kubernetes is the standard platform for running and managing containerized workloads in distributed environments. There are many container runtimes available now—Docker, CRI-O, containerd, as well as layers running atop of K8s, like Istio and Linkerd service mesh. Dynatrace auto-discovers them all and gives you full observability without changing any code.

Kubernetes overview

Deploy at speed and scale with the Dynatrace OneAgent Operator

Dynatrace is the only full-stack monitoring platform that provides fully automated, zero-config, distributed tracing, metrics, and code-level visibility into distributed applications without changing code, Docker images, or deployments.

Automate Kubernetes full-stack monitoring

By deploying and managing the Dynatrace OneAgent Operator, the OneAgent becomes a native, first-class citizen of the platform.


Makes full-stack, automated monitoring a platform feature


Ensures every app and microservice you deploy is always monitored


Eliminates the need to deploy, configure, and update agents


Monitors 1,000’s of nodes and applications with ease

Monitor your Kubernetes clusters and workloads in minutes

Purpose built for cloud, container, and microservices environments, while also supporting traditional applications and infrastructure, Dynatrace automated deployment will have you up running in minutes.


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You’re now monitoring your Kubernetes environment

Automated distributed tracing

Distributed tracing is about seeing how requests flow through 1,000s of different services. It is key to finding the cause-and-effect relationship of breakdowns or performance issues. While other solutions require manual instrumentation and have limited visibility into containers, Dynatrace provides

  • Real time discovery of all containers and microservices
  • Automated instrumentation of services running inside of containers with zero changes of the code, container images or deployments
  • Code level visibility for fast problem resolution

Kubernetes dashboard showing service flow

Cluster health and utilization monitoring

Kubernetes clusters are typically shared across teams. Cluster owners are responsible for providing enough resources and capacity to properly host and run workloads and support the teams who rely on them. Dynatrace provides the needed insights.

  • Cluster health and utilization of nodes
  • Health status of individual Kubernetes nodes
  • Requested usage of resources compared to actual usage
  • How much additional workload can be deployed per node

Kubernetes dashboard showing cluster utilization

Precise root cause analysis for failing microservices

Davis, the Dynatrace AI engine, is built from the ground up to automatically pinpoint anomalies in highly distributed containerized environments. Real time visibility into containers at start-up combined with semantically enriched log, tracing and real user data are the foundation for Davis to precisely determine the:

  • Functional root cause of a performance or availability problem
  • Foundational root cause, that is the deployment or configuration change responsible
  • Impact to real users and business KPIs

Worker disfunctional

Daimler AG

We adopted Kubernetes because it would help us accelerate time-to-market, and Dynatrace helps us to do just that. Dynatrace is a great solution that automates the monitoring of Kubernetes workloads at scale and provides AI-powered answers, allowing us to focus our efforts on innovation.”
Felix Gratz, Application Performance Management and System Architecture at Daimler AG

See what makes Dynatrace unique

  • Advanced observability

Advanced observability

See it all in-context, including metrics, logs, traces, entity relationships, UX and behavior.

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  • Continuous Automation

Continuous automation

Make it easy with automatic deploy, config, discovery, topology, performance, updates, and more.

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  • AI at the core


Free your time with precise answers for proactive problem resolution and performance improvements.

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  • Infinity

Cross-team collaboration

Eliminate silos and accelerate teamwork with a single source of truth for your Biz, Dev and Ops teams.

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User experience &
business analytics

Deliver remarkable experiences across every user journey and maximize business KPIs and revenue.

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