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2024 IT and Observability Forecast

What’s next for cloud observability in 2024?

Anyone can offer predictions. Our experts have always been more focused on delivering precise answers.

Join Dynatrace founder and CTO Bernd Greifeneder and CMO Mike Maciag for an insight-driven look into what 2024 promises for modern cloud observability and AI-powered innovation – and how you and your organization can prepare for it.

We’ll explore everything from the increased criticality of platform engineering to the AI approaches forward-thinking organizations will be leveraging to accelerate innovation – all while ensuring trust and transparency.

Don’t miss this exclusive peek into trends and innovations primed to reshape the way you work and harness data in 2024 (and beyond).

Meet your hosts

  • Bernd g

    Bernd Greifeneder
    SVP, Chief Technology Officer and Founder

    A relentless innovator, Bernd is driven by what’s just over the horizon. He continues to transform the IT industry by taking Dynatrace solutions into a brilliant future, as he has with dozens of products and three successful companies.

  • Mike m

    Mike Maciag
    SVP, Chief Marketing Officer

    Mike is responsible for Dynatrace’s global marketing organization as our Chief Marketing Officer. A Silicon Valley native, Mike has a long history of building companies that disrupt their markets.