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For multi-tier .NET applications, the causes of performance issues can be highly varied. Due to the distributed nature of these applications, effectively troubleshooting performance issues requires using a range of highly capable .NET performance tools. One of the most useful tools you can leverage is the .NET profiler. This tool permits you to capture runtime data related to the .NET platform and the .NET applications running in it.

Data captured by a .NET profiler includes granular performance metrics such as memory consumption and method execution times. Using this information, you can determine which part of your .NET application impacts application performance negatively. .NET profiler tools are invaluable in helping you to troubleshoot .NET performance problems.

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Detect memory leaks quickly using Dynatrace .NET profiler features

Dynatrace, the leader in APM monitoring tools and solutions, offers comprehensive features for monitoring and analyzing modern web, mobile, and enterprise applications including .NET applications. Its unified application monitoring solution includes turnkey .NET profiler features that are on par with or better than the most advanced .NET profiling tools in the market.

Using Dynatrace’s .NET monitoring tools, you can easily monitor memory consumed by your .NET applications as they execute. Data captured is collated and presented in Dynatrace’s application monitoring dashboard for insightful visualization. You can see real-time .NET heap sizes for Generation 0, 1, and 2. If any of these heap sizes increases continuously over time, this may indicate a memory leak caused by your application. Expired object instances may not have been garbage collected or programmatically released from memory causing a heap size to grow continuously resulting in your application slowing down or even freezing. You can easily view and understand this upward trend in memory consumption on the Dynatrace dashboard with data captured by Dynatrace’s .NET profiler capabilities.

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Troubleshoot problems down to the method-level with Dynatrace .NET profiler features

Performance problems caused by inefficient code can be difficult to uncover. .NET monitor tools need to provide the capabilities to drill down into code-level performance metrics in order to provide useful information for troubleshooting tasks. Dynatrace’s .NET monitor tools enable you to monitor your entire application stack from browser interactions to .NET components to databases to dependent services.

.NET profiler capabilities in Dynatrace drill into code-level details down to the method level. Dynatrace provides you with the execution time of each method and associated method context including arguments, return values, SQL statements, exceptions, and log messages. Data captured by Dynatrace’s .NET profiler features is presented on Dynatrace’s application monitoring dashboard where you can you can easily visualize any execution-time bottlenecks, threading and memory issues, and other performance hotspots. This visualization shortens your analysis and troubleshooting time and increases your productivity.

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