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.NET and IIS performance monitoring for your entire application stack, including databases, services, and browser activities

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See all .NET performance metrics in real-time

.NET monitoring metrics at a glance. Dynatrace .NET monitoring tools show you system performance metrics like CPU, responsiveness, memory, and worker processes. Dynatrace provides you with the most important .NET metrics. The Dynatrace .NET monitor lets you see the top contributors for response time, failure rate and CPU consumption. See IIS web server metrics.

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Follow every single transaction, end-to-end

Dynatrace uses patented PurePath Technology® to capture timing and code-level context for every transaction, across every tier, without gaps or blind spots.

Auto-discover and map all applications and business transactions-flows of your .NET application continuously end-to-end. Dynatrace PurePath technology captures timing and code-level context for every transaction in your .NET application environment. The service flow visualizes service requests end-to-end. Understand where service calls originate in your .NET code.

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Top .NET performance problems

Top .NET Performance Problems

Download this podcast—no registration required—to learn about how to detect bad database access patterns, memory leaks, thread contentions, or simply bad code that results in high CPU, synchronization, or even crashes!

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Four Practices for Fixing Your Top .NET Performance Problems

Four Practices for Fixing Your Top .NET Performance Problems

Join Andi Grabner as he walks through fixes for the top .NET performance problems we see over and over again. This free webinar replay helps you deal with a variety of .NET issues that cause problems for even our most advanced customers. Register for Four Practices for Fixing Your Top .NET Performance Problems today!

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Hands-On Tutorial: 5 Steps to Identify Java and .NET Memory Leaks

5 Steps to Identify Java and .NET Memory Leaks

What’s the best way to analyze memory leaks—especially when you can’t reproduce them locally? Read our hands-on tutorial blog post 5 Steps to Identify Java and .NET Memory Leaks.

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Discover .NET metrics

Dynatrace shows you additional .NET metrics:

Click the .NET threads and .NET heap tabs on any IIS application pool or .NET process page to view further metrics.

See detailed metrics .NET.

See detailed metrics for .NET.

IIS application pool metrics

We automatically show you the most valuable metrics related to what’s going on inside your IIS.

See the processes, traffic, and requests that keep your web server busy.

IIS monitoring metrics

Explore your application’s server-side services

Dynatrace monitors your .NET applications and services on the process level.

See which processes are making calls and which processes are being called by other processes.

Our focus on process-specific context enables you to run your environment single-handedly.

IIS metrics overview

Monitor database query executions

Dynatrace tracks and inspects all SQL statements and NoSQL queries sent by your application. There is no better way to solve a database problem than to have the SQL statements in question directly on screen.

Database metrics reveal execution frequencies, response times, and long-running queries. Get an overview on database response times, failure rates, most time consuming requests, and slowest requests. Find out which operations are taking the most time & see CPU metric without a local agent installed. Retrieve the SQL execution plan from any SQL statement ... ... and see execution plan details like estimated rows, cost, and CPU cost.

Locate bottlenecks in your application code

Our .NET monitoring tool enables you to dig into your applications and find hotspots at the code level. Locate problematic methods with CPU or network bottlenecks within the execution call stack.

Your ability to find and resolve performance issues will improve significantly with Dynatrace .NET application performance monitoring.

The response time distribution charts show you how response times are distributed across web requests. Analyze the response time of .NET services and see the contribution of method hotspots to code execution. See how database statements influence response times. Examine .NET method hotspots. Analyze requests and see their stacktrace.

Dynatrace tells you the root cause of .NET problems!

Dynatrace detects and diagnoses problems in real time, pinpointing the root cause down to the offending code before your customers are even affected.

Dynatrace pinpoints the root cause of performance issues automatically. Leverage instant replay to understand how a problem evolved over time. Dynatrace smart baselining learns what normal looks like for your application. Eliminate false positives and constant noise regarding response times, failure rates and throughput. Dynatrace diagnoses problems that are often difficult to pinpoint, including database, memory, threading and CPU issues. Correlate host-process log data with problems.

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Automatically discover and map applications and infrastructure

Dynatrace automatically detects and visualizes your web application and its dependencies end to end: from website to application to container, infrastructure and cloud.

Dynatrace maps all the dependencies between detected components and presents them with Smartscape technology.

Get the full picture including network health and log file analysis

Dynatrace provides a clear picture of all inbound and outbound process connections over your network interfaces (both physical and virtual) and automatically discovers all log files on your monitored hosts and processes.

Measure quality of inbound and outbound communications per process. Log file analytics out-of-the-box: no configuration required. Dynatrace automatically identifies log entries related to performance issues.


“After deploying a new release, we spent over 30 hours trying to find a performance problem. Once we found the issue, it only took us 30 minutes to fix it. With Dynatrace application performance monitoring, finding a similar problem would only take us minutes to identify, saving us precious time and resources.”

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Dynatrace supports all common .NET frameworks including

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