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The .NET framework is widely deployed in enterprises today. It offers a robust and well-featured platform for running applications that process business transactions. In order to ensure that .NET applications remain performant and available, .NET performance tools can be deployed to monitor and analyze their performance.

Various .NET monitor tools are available in the market. They range in capability from rudimentary data capture of individual components to technologically advanced full .NET application stack problem analysis and diagnosis using artificial intelligence. In the latter group, Dynatrace offers the most comprehensive and advanced .NET performance tools in the market. It is the leading provider of intelligent APM solutions and tools such as .NET profiler and VMware monitoring tools for performance monitoring and management of numerous types of applications, environments, and platforms used in enterprises today.

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Use Dynatrace .NET performance tools to monitor transactions end-to-end

Dynatrace .NET monitoring tools provide you with turnkey features for monitoring .NET performance. Using Dynatrace, you can quickly discover your entire .NET application stack and monitor every transaction across all tiers without any blind spots or gaps. Dynatrace .NET performance tools incorporate .NET profiler capabilities and patented PurePath Technology® that allows you to trace each transaction end-to-end from user interactions to application code execution to database access to cloud services. All transactional context such as response times and code-level context is captured.

Performance data, including those captured by Dynatrace .NET profiler tools, is collated and presented in Dynatrace's application monitoring dashboard for intuitive visualization. Using the dashboard, you can easily see into services and components invoked by each user interaction. You can also view and analyze response times to find any method-level hotspots.

Monitoring applications with Dynatrace .NET performance tools allows you to dive deep into performance data for method level code and database statements such as execution and query response times. The visualization of this data and Dynatrace's backtrace capability provide you with insights into the impact of methods and database statements on user experience.

.NET performance engineering

Auto-discover and visualize your .NET applications using Dynatrace .NET performance tools

Dynatrace automatically discovers and maps your .NET applications and infrastructure. Its Smartscape technology automatically detects your applications and their dependencies to generate an interactive map for each application across all application and infrastructure tiers. Smartscape and Dynatrace's .NET performance profiler features enable you to visualize your .NET applications' performance easily and quickly with zero configuration effort. You can see how all components relate to and communicate with each other and obtain actionable insights for any performance issues. Dynatrace's .NET performance tools are designed for the cloud in mind and support microservices environments where instances are created and deployed rapidly.

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