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Many enterprises run .NET applications to process critical business transactions everyday. Any loss in performance or availability of these application affects business operations and has ramifications on revenue. To ensure that these applications run reliably, enterprises can use a .NET performance profiler to monitor application performance. Monitoring .NET applications using a .NET performance profiler can help to ensure that they meet performance requirements and do not violate SLAs with customers.

Unfortunately many .NET monitoring tools in the market have limited scope for the monitoring of applications running in the .NET platform. They do not capture all metrics that are required to successfully troubleshoot .NET performance issues. To support troubleshooting of multi-tier distributed .NET applications, .NET performance tools need to capture end-to-end performance data for each transaction in granular detail. The comprehensive data collected by a fully-featured .NET performance profiler allows you to identify the root cause of performance anomalies or degradations.

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Reduce MTTR with Dynatrace .NET performance profiler features

To monitor your .NET applications most effectively, use Dynatrace, the most technologically advanced application performance monitoring solution available. Dynatrace offers turnkey .NET monitor tools that provide coverage for your entire .NET application stack. Its patented PurePath Technology® allows you to capture the performance of each transaction across all tiers, starting from user interaction to web servers to application code to database queries and to cloud services.

Dynatrace’s .NET performance profiler features drill down to the method and call level to allow you to identify any bottlenecks or hotspots caused by inefficient code or database queries. Additionally, Dynatrace’s memory leak detection tools allow you to monitor memory consumed by .NET components at runtime to identify any memory leaks caused by these components. Troubleshooting performance problems is greatly simplified and accelerated by using Dynatrace. All the .NET monitoring tools and .NET performance profiler features from Dynatrace help you to reduce MTTR significantly by up to 90% resulting in highly available and reliable .NET applications.

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Increase productivity and ROI with Dynatrace .NET performance profiler features

Dynatrace’s superior .NET application monitoring technology offers sophisticated .NET profiler tools for capturing, collating, analyzing, and presenting performance data from your .NET applications. Dynatrace’s flexibility in monitoring .NET applications with its .NET performance profiler features and wide support for .NET frameworks and environments enable you to maximize ROI from all your .NET applications by ensuring that they achieve and execute per your performance requirements.

Dynatrace also enables automatic discovery and mapping of .NET applications and transactions using its Smartscape technology. Smartscape automatically detects and visualizes your .NET applications and their dependencies end-to-end across all layers and presents them in an interactive map where you can see how all components relate to and communicate with each other. Together with Dynatrace’s .NET profiler features, Smartscape helps you recognize and analyze performance bottlenecks faster and more effectively.

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