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As the development and execution of applications become more complex, performance issues become harder to troubleshoot and remedy. .NET is a popular and extensive framework for developing and running modern applications. .NET applications use many components of the framework to run including distributed components written in different languages. This presents challenges to application performance management software, tools, and techniques for .NET performance monitoring. As the leading vendor in the APM market, Dynatrace offers comprehensive APM solutions for .NET performance monitoring. In addition to .NET profiling, Dynatrace helps you get deep-level visibility into each of your web server process groups, including dependent applications and running services.

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.NET performance monitoring solutions from Dynatrace

Dynatrace solutions for .NET monitoring enable performance problems to be identified and solved quickly. They monitor transactions and code execution as well as memory usage to isolate performance issues and reduce troubleshooting work. Two products from Dynatrace that perform .NET performance monitoring are:

  • Dynatrace Application Monitoring -- Dynatrace Application Monitoring provides end-to-end coverage for .NET applications such as web applications and services. It monitors the full execution cycle of a .NET application capturing full transactional performance starting from user click through method invocation to database query. During each transaction, system health metrics are gathered by Dynatrace Application Monitoring to enable root-cause analysis for discovery of any memory leaks, poor code execution, or redundant queries to databases.
  • Dynatrace Data Center RUM -- Dynatrace Data Center RUM is a solution for monitoring the performance of the network and infrastructure tiers in the data center as those tiers support enterprise applications. In addition to Citrix monitoring and Linux performance monitoring, it also monitors enterprise .NET tiers in the data center. .NET performance monitoring using Dynatrace Data Center RUM yields network performance data that can be correlated with transactions and user activity. Collected packet-level data can help root-cause analysis of intermittent performance problems and provide insight into WAN usage of transactions in all .NET tiers.
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Market-Leading technology from Dynatrace for .NET performance monitoring

Dynatrace's solutions for .NET application performance monitoring use market-leading technologies and techniques:

  • Patented PurePath Technology® enables end-to-end continuous monitoring of business transactions of .NET applications from user interactions to back-end processing as well as through third-party APIs and CDNs. All .NET performance monitoring metrics are captured and correlated regardless of whether transactions commit or fail. All activity can be replayed before or after a problem which enables MTTR to be reduced by up to 90%.
  • Automatic discovery and visualization of every transaction. Dynatrace auto-discovers and models .NET applications from client to back-end. This allows drilling-down to the method level to examine execution and response times of methods, SQL queries, and dependencies between .NET CLRs and other tiers.
  • Continuous snapshots of memory usage and consumption during application execution allow viewing of memory status throughout transactions, and detection and isolation of memory problems. Dynatrace captures thread dumps to find memory deadlocks, leaks, and idle or busy thread pools.
  • Integration with Microsoft® Visual Studio® and Team Foundation Server allows captured .NET performance monitoring data to be shared across development, test, and operations teams, and provide automatic performance analysis throughout application delivery.
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