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As more business processes and transactions are automated and fulfilled by applications presented over the Internet, the performance of these applications is critical to realize the best user experience. Application developers can leverage application management service tools that monitor performance to ensure that their applications meet performance goals.

Dynatrace is a market leader in APM solutions offering an array of performance monitoring products and solutions for widely deployed application platforms including .NET and Java. Dynatrace's .NET monitoring and Java monitor solutions incorporate innovative patented technology to enable application developers to troubleshoot application performance problems quickly to minimize MTTR. In addition to application monitoring, Dynatrace also provides an application load testing tool and server monitoring tools for tasks such as Linux server monitoring.

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Dynatrace .NET monitoring improves memory usage

Inefficient memory management during application execution impacts performance negatively. By using Dynatrace Application Monitoring, a .NET performance monitoring solution from Dynatrace, memory and thread performance issues can be easily analyzed and fixed. Visual dashboards allow intuitive viewing of memory usage by the application components. Memory snapshots isolate all memory problems, and memory hotspots automatically highlight unusual objects; for example, objects that are not garbage collected. .NET monitoring by Dynatrace also enables thread dumps which allow execution deadlocks, thread leaks, and idle or busy thread pools to be identified easily.

Monitor transactions with Dynatrace .NET monitoring

.NET application performance monitoring by Dynatrace Application Monitoring uses patented PurePath Technology®. PurePath provides end-to-end .NET monitoring by tracing all transaction activity from user interaction through application and middleware tiers to backend databases and other infrastructure tiers including tiers in virtual and cloud environments. It captures and correlates details of all transactions and allows drilling-down to the method level to visually show method arguments and values as well as SQL statements. This expedites root cause analysis, enabling MTTR to be reduced by up to 90%. .NET monitoring by Dynatrace automatically discovers every transaction and models each application end-to-end showing dependencies between CLRs and other tiers. Execution times in each tier are shown to indicate where time is spent and where potential performance problems are.

.NET purepath

Dynatrace .NET monitoring enhances teamwork

Dynatrace monitoring solutions integrate with Microsoft® Visual Studio® and Team Foundation Server. This integration allows Dynatrace to share, from Visual Studio, captured .NET monitoring performance data across development, testing, and operations teams, thereby enhancing teamwork. Integration with Team Foundation Server automates application performance analysis throughout the delivery pipeline.

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